Technical Writer that likes to make stuff

Hey there! I'm a professional technical writer (and sometimes manager) that likes to design and make all kinds of Web content.I'm also a big fan of games, cooking, binge watching, and (shocker) reading.

Tool Stuff

The tools and technology I use in my daily working environment are different than what I'm playing around with in my spare time. That's what this section is for.

I know I'm late to the party here but gotta say, I'm loving Carrd! Using it here to showcase items from my portfolio. So quick and easy to stand up a one page site!

I was playing around with WordPress Full Site Editing with Gutenberg for a minute. But, I have to say, I'm completely enthralled with Bricks Builder / Automatic CSS / Frames combo these days. Quick prototyping, class-first design, maintenance, and scalability. You can't really beat it. I do not see myself moving on from this stack any time soon, to be honest.

I finally made the jump to Figma from XD and I'm loving it. I especially love the community resources! What I don't love is the limited access on the free account. I don't mind paying but I wish I was able to experiment a bit more before being cut off. I almost feel like you get more on Adobe XD, in fact.

A recent non-profit also wanted some social media designs and posts. Enter Canva. I'd love to become just an all-around content producer. Don't get me wrong, I'll never be a full-fledged Graphic Designer. But Canva can get me close with more practice!

The Daily Stuff

Rev Help Documentation

The majority of my workday is spent writing online Help files and API docs for Vbrick, an enterprise streaming video platform. It is written mainly in markdown, using the ReadMe documentation platform.

We work on an 8-week Agile release cycle. I write the customer Release Notes and Change Log for both the API and the Help Guides.

Release Notes

I use Visual Studio Code and make any necessary edits to the JSON, collaborating with Engineering. This most often includes:
- Consistent summaries and/or titles
- Updating descriptions
- Missing parameters
- Parameter details (validation, more function details, etc.)
- Error messaging and/or returns


Functions that cannot be easily accomplished in ReadMe markdown, I create in custom HTML and CSS as needed. A few examples:

On release day, I work with QA, Product, and IT to update our WordPress Customer Portal with needed files, including build files themselves. I send out the "All Clear" so that customer communications can be sent via Marketing.

Rev Customer Portal
Rev Customer Portal

Design Stuff

For some time now I've been getting into WordPress site design. I've been expanding on that even more by designing in Figma/XD and then porting those designs to WordPress. I'm also playing with Canva a bit to do some social media blasts and marketing. Take a look.

eCommerce Website Solutions

The online wholesaler, Rachel's Potpourri needed a redesign and, more importantly, needed a migration from a pricey eCommerce hosting solution. I updated their design to a more mobile-friendly template, moved them to WordPress hosting, and kept their SEO ranking in-place.

Rachel's Potpourri

Small Business Solutions

One-page, small functional websites are fun to design and fun to launch. Plus, small business owners, like Sea Coast Concrete, need solutions that don't break the bank. Given that WordPress and web design are my tech hobbies. It's a win, win.

Sea Coast Concrete


Some case studies, app(s), tutorial work, etc. with Figma and XD. Wireframes, prototypes, and HiFi included.

Fun Stuff

What I'm Playing

I recently made the switch from the PS4 to the next generation...XBox One S/X (yes, both of them). Why? Frankly, the GamePass Ultimate sub was just too good to pass up. I'm a short attention span gamer and purchasing games only to put them down a month later was harsh on the bank account. That said...

Diablo IV

This one may be the one that kills my beloved Destiny 2 for me. I've been playing it from Day One and have no plans to stop...until Starfield course. I was an avid Diable III player so I'm not sure why I thought I could escape the lure of this one. I did not and am now well on my way to leveling a Necromancer to 100 (as expected).

Elden Ring

Elden Ring

Yep, I jumped on this bandwagon. I'm not even CLOSE to being finished. In fact, I'm not even out of the starter area and I'm not even sure I will be any time soon (did I mention short attention span). I broke my rule and went outside of GamePass Ultimate and bought this game. I had to, the hype was so big for it. And it IS gorgeous. But it's just so big. And it takes forever to make progress. So, it will be one I likely come back to. Like, forever.

Elden Ring


If you are a gamer and you saw the recent XBox showcase, then you too understand why this game is going to be a marvel. And why so many people want to be sandwich kings and queens in the near future! ;)Let me tell you, I am thrilled that Bethesda is now part of Xbox/Microsoft. This means that I get this game on Day One which I am already waiting for.


What I'm Watching

So little time, so much to stream these days! Let's start here:

It has been absolutely fascinating to watch Jimmy fall into the role of Saul. The question is..will he drag Kim with him. And...did he ever really fall or was he there the entire time?

Not gonna lie. I've rarely met a period piece I didn't like. That includes The Crown, Downtown Abbey, and yes, sad to say, even Outlander. This one is made by the Producers of Downtown Abbey and feels a little bit like that show. Only set in New York. Whatever, I'm in.

So, I kept hearing people talk about this show and how great it is. Honestly, is there one redeeming character in it? I've not found one. It's a trainwreck! Yet, I just keep watching. I really liked the prequel better (period piece, after all). But, I.still.keep.watching.

The Washington Nationals! All-day, every day! I spent the majority of my professional career in the Washington, D.C area and have loved baseball my entire life. 'nuff said.

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